PGA Tour players swing the club fast. Looking For Advice or Feedback, Stealth 3 Wood, Unique Odyssey, RTX Raw, Epic Flash, Ping Eye 2 BeCu 1 iron - $1,000here me out, Your Choice of EvnRoll ER11v Mallets ($210). ENTER NOW! And how do you go about it? Abandoned Golf Courses for Sale (How Much?). Tipped shafts. CallawayTCB w/ LAgolf L-series 5 There is no standard lie so the actual lie angle could be anything. You need to make sure that bending your clubs is right for your game, as you dont want to jeopardize what you already have. Bending Golf Clubs: Should I Do it and How? You should only really bend your golf clubs yourself if you have the right equipment at home to do the job. He had me hit on a board and said that I needed 1/2 inch long. I am 6ft tall and was fit into 2 deg upright. stay away from attempting this on the course, and stay away from longer irons, until you've put in the time on the practice tee. gonna give the "reality" recommendation so far. . Setting aside the discussion about why lofts are getting stronger, I was wondering why someone would bend the lofts strong rather than use the next club in the bag and swing smooth. [/color] [color=#282828]This made me wonder about messing with lofts and bounce (not to mention offset). Older irons can be bent to achieve better gaping and additional distance, but the distance increases will be very small. Vice versa if the club is upright. If you wanted to know more about how the process works of bending the loft and lie angle of clubs, watch the video below from Mitchell Golf: Although golfers often buy new golf clubs instead of modifying their current irons, bending clubs is a great way to make changes to the loft of your clubs to help you improve your accuracy and consistency. XXIO X Series 5 Wood! [quote name='bigo2398' timestamp='1444240339' post='12423306'] Below, we explain everything you need to know about bending golf clubs and suggest when its a good idea. [quote name='Dan Drake' timestamp='1441041993' post='12239944'] The mark on the sole will show if your clubhead is level or toe up or down at impact. If the hosel design and manufacturing processes allow it, the lie of an iron can be bent 3-4 degrees or more with no compromise to the integrity of the head. Weaker lofts mean (all other things being equal) getting the ball up into the air quicker, and a little higher trajectory on your shots. IMO there is no reason to start bending your Titleist strong dude. So I'm in the process of getting new irons and I'm curious about the idea of getting them bent a degree or two strong. **. 6 iron 29 183 6 iron SS: 95.5 mph. [url=""][/url] (DTL). While you can theoretically bend fairway woods and hybrids, the design and loft of irons mean that you can bend them to ensure that theyre consistent from one club to the next. Upload or insert images from URL. [/quote] [img][/img]. Product Instructions & Manuals Which is more typical to change? Paste as plain text instead, How do they test to determine which launch angle best suits you. Mizuno used to manufacture their iron sets with flatter lies than most OEM's partly because the average Japanese male was shorter than the average N. American male. They will adjust each iron to get even gaps between each iron. My question is, what kind of test would they do to determine whether I should adjust my launch? Titleist 712U 4i, C-Taper 120x Personally have occasionally weakened wedges and rarely, irons in order to help dial in or normalize distance gapping, never more than 2 degrees." So stronger lofts = less bounce = more offset. Still have questions? Note where the player's 'natural' lie angle is - ie the neutral/normal lie angle as above - but then intentionally bend the lie angle to mitigate their hook/slice tendencies. Given that bending your golf clubs is all about fine margins, its far too easy to get it wrong when you do it yourself, so its much better to entrust the process with a fitter who has the experience and the right equipment! I've always just played with whatever I had, but I'm now trying to work my way up to being able to afford a set that actually fits me. [quote name='bigo2398' timestamp='1441037749' post='12239474'] Hoofer, Ecco, Bushnell "Just change your swing" isn't always the answer. In other words, make your 7 the length and lie of an 8, which should reduce the spin a bit. There is no worry about bending a club that was bent last year or last week. "Just change your swing" isn't always the answer. 6-iron launch: 17* All rights reserved. GIVEAWAY! You could bend them stronger but like anything there's a chance something breaks. [quote name='HandsomeMatt' timestamp='1441040098' post='12239780'] [/quote] 5-G So for many, playing an upright lie with your irons is a quick and dirty fix for those who can't or don't want to take the time to fix a swing flaw. I have a set of S58s where the bounce is already generous, so no issues. A good tune-up is a good tune-up regardless of the final loft gaps. [quote name='clemsondds' post='1858228' date='Aug 1 2009, 07:36 PM']Ok thanks ya'll. Apologies for the generalization to right-handed golfers, the opposite will obviously apply to lefties. This can significantly alter the way that you strike the ball and can save you a fortune as far as upgrading, or changing clubs is concerned. [size=5][b] I've noticed that some of the higher launching/spinning players on tour (Rory, J-Day, etc) have their irons bent strong and I'm looking to hear some pro's and con's of doing this. Takomo Golf Clubs Review: (As Good as Expected? IMO there is no reason to start bending your Titleist strong dude. [quote name='Kenny Lee Puckett' timestamp='1441131685' post='12246270'] Standard length and lie are perfect for me. Clear editor. Nike Vapor Flex 9.5* Left/Low, Rogue Max Low 75TX Maybe it's just me but it seems you can't change the relationship between the loft of the club and the spin, given you're putting the same swing on it. And that is forged soft steel clubheads and there are several forging methods and processes available. 7-iron - 30 degrees. 2. But is bending your golf clubs really a good idea? That's really surprising for amateurs. Your previous content has been restored. I'm also a very high spin player and I'm thinking this might help keep my iron distances consistent, especially when playing in the wind which I often do. 2 deg flat seems to work pretty well for me. There's a reason good players don't just grab any club off the rack and change their swing to match the clubs. It wouldn't surprise me if that's exactly why Jason Day chooses to play 4-P all bent a club strong. GM Never Compromise GM2 putter so with that said my stronger lofts were nothing more than trying to maintain past iron distances , i would love to be able to hit a 47 or 48 degree pw 120 yrs or even a 155 to 160 yr 7 iron but age and injuries have seem to make that a next to impossible task Anyone know if most pros have this done? Bending the loft is another story. I would be pleased with them. then reapeat, but, move the ball more forward(note the change). You'll shallow out impact (lower AoA) and reduce dynamic loft > combined they will reduce spin loft. Hybrids: 4-5 Epic Flash 6,7 Big Bertha. R11S 8* square; Stock stiff QEight Advanced Members 3.6k Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Posted August 8, 2014 There does seem to be an abrupt cut off on the minimum iron loft at slower swing speeds. Check out our video: how-to bend your clubs on a Mitchell Golf Angle Machine: Get Bending! thanks[/quote] If they can market a club that will cut down on that slice they are going to sell more clubs. Why not take one more club, and how much distance do you gain with 1*. [quote name='bigo2398' timestamp='1441037749' post='12239474'] the dude who's got no shot at doing that always thinks it's the clubs. Most guys would love to have a little extra spin on those longer irons to hold greens, personally I would tweak the swing a bit but I wouldn't really change to much else as you have a huge advantage having that little extra spin there with a club like a 6 iron. Golf clubs that are 17-4 stainless steel cast irons will be more difficult to bend, as they are made of much harder metal than the likes of carbon steel and graphite. Is this something everyone should be doing, or is it very specific to a certain type of swing? Pasted as rich text. To help you decide whether or not to bend your golf clubs, we take a deep dive into the practice in the following sections and explain what to expect in detail. So I was fitted for clubs and the pro said that on my new clubs I didn't need any adjustment. more upright = more of a draw, more flat= fade. While the result of bending strong may be that short/mid irons go further, it won't help on the top end of the bag. I think I know the answer, but would love to hear everyone's reasons. Or do people change launch angle to decrease bounce? Thanks for everybody for your help! Another reason why stronger lofts don't always mean more distance is something I do frequently to help golfers hit the ball farther weaken lofts. Lie angles are easiest to adjust in forged irons; sometimes not possible to adjust in cast irons. 2023 Acushnet Company. 5-iron - 23.5 degrees. WRXer 'harpu728' kicks off the thread saying: "Being that higher-lofted irons within the same set are easier to hit (i.e. The pros that adjust their lofts are doing so to not only control ball flight but give them consistent distances between clubs. Even with the knowledge of club bending and its importance on your play, there are a lot of misconceptions about what can and cant be done with a clubs loft and lie. Have wondered why he always had a little fade with his Mizuno mp32 and mp67 irons but much less so with Callaway X16 irons. Day in particular looks like he's always hitting 100% or more. Forged irons should be checked every year or 2 anyway for loft/lie. Players have been doing this for a long time. When you start messing with length, then you also mess with swing weight and then adding weight to compensate for the SW can start messing with the flex of the shaft. You cannot paste images directly. Currently I'm playing 712 MB's with x100 shafts at standard loft. The good news is that the vast majority of irons can be bent, even those that are high-quality cast. The #1 reason for doing this is it changes how the club will sit on the ground. If he had a decent swing he most likely would be playing irons 4-5 deg. Did I just answer my owne questions, do pro's bend the clubs stronger to have less bounce? You probably have hair as well. Do you just go by the distance you hit them, and if you don't like your gaps you bend them a little? [quote name='ijohnson' timestamp='1441070745' post='12242666'] If youre struggling with the current loft degrees of the irons in your bag, then changing the angle of your clubs by bending them could help you improve your ball striking. Why do Pro's and some amatures have their irons bent 1* stronger. It is all about fitting. Do you have any recommendations for drills or things to practice in order to improve it? Yes, when we talk of bending golf clubs, the iron family are the best candidates. Which is more typical to change? The irons Well the mid-irons are the perfect place to start. gonna give the "reality" recommendation so far. I'm guessing when most say they have been bent 2 degrees, they are talking about the loft. On the one hand to adjust the lie individually. I wish I had 95 mph with anything. #3 there are no real cons, bend away and try it. Learn how to hit clubs different ydgsthe pros are very good at doing this It is very easy to do these modifications, and also recommended by a lot of folks to have your set checked either frequently or at the end of each year in case any changes happened during the season from general play. The iron will roll 'open' when bent strong. All bending machines are not accurate in their readings. I would tweak loft to adjust my distance gaps. Ultimately, your answer is yes, you can do this. Production Manager Wesley Turner: Five Years in the Bag. The most popular brand is Golfsmith which manufactures high-quality loft/lie bending machines. Display as a link instead, Do you have any recommendations for drills or things to practice in order to improve it? Will that change the playability of the irons dramatically? 6-iron spin: 6850 RPM Most guys would love to have a little extra spin on those longer irons to hold greens, personally I would tweak the swing a bit but I wouldn't really change to much else as you have a huge advantage having that little extra spin there with a club like a 6 iron. Maybe a little further, maybe a little lower, maybe to change bounce, maybe just looks/feels better. Vice versa if the club is upright. Of the other main manufacturers used . Strong 3 wood: Taylormade M1 15* w/ ProjectX T1100 HZRDUS handcrafted 75x 3 Hybrid: Adams PRO 18* w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2" 4 Hybrid: Adams PRO 20* (bent to 21*) w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2" 4-AW: TaylorMade P770 w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx S400. The credit goes to this website for explaining the entire process. Or, (tinfoil hat on) TMAG wants him to be the poster boy for how long their new irons are and this way they get to hear McCord gush about how Day hit a 168 yard 9 iron. You can also bend the angles to a consistent specification precisely fit for any golfer. The bounce angle will also change when making the clubs stronger or weaker. For example, when the club is flat, the toe of the club makes contact first and gets slowed down a bit so the clubface opens a bit promoting a fade. This is a more upright lie angle.. I think its mostly because I have better spin rate with the mid-long irons now, although I never got any numbers. Clear editor. RBZ 25* hb; RBZstage 2 19* hb Biggest difference is in hit 2 degree upright in the center much more often and not as thin. Edel E-3 Torque Balanced 36", 345g, Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 104cc hit a few balls each PW, 9, 8, 7, WAY back in your stance, I mean move it so far back it feels ludicrous. It is as basic as that. The most easy 'drill' is just hit it lower visually place a hoola hoop a few feet downline and hit the ball through it. Posted August 1, 2009. Bending a golf club allows you to change the angle of your club, which is an effective way of changing your ball flight. get to work on improving your spinloft with your irons (I'm assuming this gets really really bad with you shortest clubs). [/quote] I would never ever think of doing this on my own. Once you know what your lie angles are - keep a note if you like, then you can easily know if another brand's irons need adjusting. but, best to check for real by hitting shots with them anyway. March 27, 2015 at 11:41 AM However, correcting the loft and angle by bending the clubs is a super quick way of fixing this issue. Of course the 4* bend is just to illustrate the point but it's better than describing everything in fractions of clubs. '19 Apex Pro 5-A w/PX You can take your clubs to a fitter, and they will be able to check the angles and lofts of each of your irons and make any necessary adjustments based on what they find. is manzano lake open for fishing, behavioral health case manager salary,
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